Dog In A Man Suit is a post-punk/alternative band, started by guitarists Billie Seeland and Anjali Nair as a long distance songwriting collaboration. Influenced by the alternative rock bands of their emo kid past and channeling newfound inspiration from the off-kilter Massachusetts noise punk scene, they co-wrote many of their early songs while hundreds of miles apart. The full band formed in late 2017 with Anjali moving to Brooklyn and the addition of Chris Seeland on bass. With an ever-rotating roster of drummers, the band can be caught performing their fiery sets at dive bars and basements around New York City, Trenton, and Philadelphia.

In March 2019, the band released their second EP, “Screaming” - a stormy exploration of early twenties existential anxiety, which unfolds through velvety vocal harmonies and driving guitar riffs.

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Instagram: @doginamansuit_
Facebook: facebook.com/doginamansuit